About Us

Who are we. Life Coaching Group LLC is a group that focuses on providing customized coaching, training and consulting services that helps develop, advance and promote leaders and their ability to lead and improve bottom-line results.

Why we do it. Our Mission is to provide a coaching experience that deepens personal and professional growth in order to produce extraordinary, enduring results in our client’s lives, careers, businesses or organizations.

How we do it. LCG Values are deeply grounded in the commitment to providing the best professional coaching, training and consulting experience to our clients. Inspire a trustful, open and honest and confidential communication; creating an environment that is safe for people to flourish and growth. Offer practical and useful resources to support client’s agenda. Conduct business with common sense, ethically and confidentially and act responsible to manage our resources, as a profitable and a wealthy organization. And give back to the community through our community service program.

Who do we serve. Our clients are some of the most successful companies on earth. From Fortune 500s to mid-size and small entrepreneurs.

What we do. Executive, professional coaching, career coaching, life coaching, personality assessments, multicultural and diversity consulting, Insights Discovery workshops, training, workshops, webinars, facilitation and keynotes.

At LCG Group, we partner with our clients to provide customized executive and high-potential coaching, training and consulting to enhance individual, team and business performance. Working with you, we dig deep within your organization to find out what you really need, what your company values are and what you want to achieve. With this deep insight, we work together to develop a tailored solution that fits within all areas of your business.

At the heart of our values is the importance of people. We strive to provide your team with a learning program that’s unique, enjoyable, recognizes your needs, and exceeds your expectations. We build positive, respectful relationships with you and your people to help everyone reach their potential.

Our accessible programs are designed for short and long-term, measurable results and inspiring positive change within your Business. You’ll see a transformation in your people-improved performance, exceeded objectives and a new sense of vigor and purpose. Above all, you’ll see lasting, positive results.