Our story

Life Coaching Group LLC was started back in 2008 by Founder Marlene Gonzalez. She decided to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential, and strive to make a difference in our clients. LCG is very proud of its beginnings in Chicago, IL.


LCG Group partners with our clients to provide customized executive coaching, training, and consulting to enhance the individual, team, and business performance. Our independent license practitioner coaches and facilitators work with you to determine training solutions or personal goals. We help assess individuals, groups, and organizational training needs analysis. We work with individuals, teams, and organizations to evaluate leadership preferences, individual and team dynamics, leadership styles, and assess what they need to achieve. With this deep insight, a personalized plan is developed and tailored to fit within all areas of your business.

Our Mission is to provide a coaching experience that deepens personal and professional growth to produce extraordinary, enduring results in our client’s lives, careers, businesses, or organizations.






LCG Values are deeply grounded in the commitment to providing the best professional coaching, training, and consulting experience to our clients:


• Inspire a trustful, open and honest and confidential communication

• Create an environment to help flourish and grow

• Offer practical and useful resources to support clients’ goals. 

• Conduct business with common sense, ethically and confidentially

• Act responsibly to manage our resources as a small minority business

• Give back to the community through our community engagement service program.

Our clients are some of the most successful companies on earth, from Government, Fortune 500s to mid-size and small entrepreneurs. As always, we cater to our client needs and will adapt our approach to those needs. Here is a list of some of the services we provide:


  • Executive, professional, and career coaching.
  • Insights Discovery profiler and others
  • Live and virtual programs
  • keynotes speaking engagement

Christopher Brown

"I should have done it earlier. My organizations has transform, we are another company thanks to this system. It revealed what was there and we couldn't perceive ourselves”

Lora Spielberg

"I Managed to change jobs and get paid what i deserved. I became more confident and aware of what needed to get done. I was able to make it all happen. Incredible but trued, it was all about self-awareness”

Jessie Olive

"My biggest discovery was how my blind spots were sabotaging my career. Once aware I took action on how to improve them and now I feel at the best of my career ”

Pam Lipton

"It has been a life changing experience for me and for those I work with. It is a new way to see colors, now we joke around at the office -Hey calm down fiery red- It has changed our mood and we feel we are a new refreshed company ”