Marlene González, Founder and president of Life Coaching Group, LLC. Marlene is a published writer and prominent speaker. She is coauthor of the book “Latinization and the Latino Leader”; How to value, develop and advance talented professionals©, and she is a Career Coach columnist for the Latina Magazine. Her client list includes government, non-profit, and Fortune 500 companies. She is a leader in the cutting edge industry of executive coaching, leadership, organizational behavior management and training. Her company’s website is:

She offers programs that are simple, easy to understand and applicable. Her messages are universal because they speak to everyone—your whole organization will be captivated by Marlene’s magic, she will take you places you never expected. She is very positive and insightful. Her programs are fun, energetic and vibrant and so engaging that empowers people to change. A partial list of her programs includes Leadership Effectiveness, Multicultural Team dynamics, Organizational Culture and Awareness, Politics Can Make or Break Your Career: How to Navigate the Culture, the Politics and Network; Power up Your Career to the Top, Women’s Empowerment workshops, Mentoring and Coaching programs.


The book discusses the cultural differences that may keep Latinos from pursuing management positions as well as the stereotypes that may be emanating from the corporate culture to discourage Latino employees. This book offers concrete recommendations for manageable, proactive methods to establish or enhance your business framework in order to value, develop, and advance Latino employees at every level in your organization. It is published by Paramount Market Publishing, Inc, and it is now available at the publisher website: Paramount books and

Forty-five percent of the total population growth in the United States for the last seven years has been Latinos, a growth that has created a massive new consumer base for American businesses. Within this population is an untapped pool of potential employees to appeal to that base, a Latino labor force expected to exceed 26 million by 2016. The future success for American corporations, government, and non-profit organizations are dependent on how they appeal to this population both as consumers and as employees.